Snail Bob Game

Snail Bob is a new flash game available online. It is based on a friendly snail in a series of 8 games, each with a number of levels. The goal of the first episode of the game is to find him a new home.

The graphics on the game are very sturdy and tight. On the first episode, the game is very bright and complimented by uptempo folk music in the background. The game is interactive and allows the user to control the direction/fate of snail bob. You are given the ability to control certain tools (such as a button, pulley, knob, etc.). This essentially makes the game what it is. Without the ability to control the movement of the character, there is no other activity. Considering that there are “pointers” to show the user what to press makes the game much more easier to navigate. This is only for the beginning, though. So, don’t get comfortable!

The game allows you a new score at the end of each level. You also are given a level map in which users can replay certain levels. With each level, the game becomes more and more intense. If you’re not careful, Bob can be fall to his demise, or even be electrocuted! Its functionality somewhat relies on the users ability to use common sense, and determine what should be done in order for the snail to reach its destination.

As for audience, this appears to be geared toward a younger crowd (3-7). It is slow paced (obviously) but as levels increase pick the pace up. You also have the ability to control the speed of the snail.

As the user progresses throughout the game, they’ll notice that the music and background changes. The creators emphasized adventurous music, and it is carried throughout each game. They’ll also notice that the controls telling them where to go or what to press are non existent. This makes the game more intriguing and less spoon fed. As a user, it makes you feel as if you have more control.

To add, the game follows a story line in which there are different characters. This humanization can be used to attract users to the game. Many believe that in order for entertainment to be somewhat effective, it should be relatable. For example, adding a love interest in episode 5 adds a relatable dynamic to Bob. In episode three, users get to travel to Egypt, and then space on 4. Experiencing Bob in new settings, yet the same personality brings us closer to the character and adds memorability.

The arrangement of games Snail Bob recounts to a few novel tales about an appealing, daring, and yearning snail named Bob. Bob is partial to music, likes to fish and he has numerous companions and a cherished granddad. Be that as it may, Bob has a compelling energy for undertakings that discover him in transit. In each new smaller than normal game you will confront new difficulties and tests that will make you think cautiously so as to discover an exit from this circumstance. In addition to other things, Bob is very intrepid and constantly prepared to experience every one of the difficulties to accomplish his very own objectives.